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About Us

Our Mission

We are All-Sports. We know your favorite sports; we play your favorite sports. We buy your favorite team's sports apparel and personalize it, so you are equipped, looking good, being your best and winning at sports.

There is another sport; some call it business. We know that too. Our corporate apparel division serves you the same way: when we make you look good, your team will shine like winners.

All-Sports Apparel has been serving Fairfield County's custom uniform and sporting needs for 18 years. We offer personalized local service, top quality apparel and quantity discounts, and we support local community programs.

The Owner

Growing up on the banks of the Byram River during the mid 70s, Pat Cecio always played sports…whether on the street or in the parks. His favorites were football, baseball and ice hockey.

Not only was Pat driven by sports, but he thoroughly enjoyed working with people. While working in his family's business, he searched for a new opportunity that he could create, enjoy and call his own. Pat followed his passion

Pat began All-Sports Apparel as a sole proprietor in 1992. He started the sports apparel business from scratch, researching the best vendors and choosing the ideal suppliers. He always had a keen sense for up and coming brands.

He opened his first store in Stamford and added another in Old Greenwich, which didn't have any other sport apparel shops. He soon opted to focus on the primary shop in Old Greenwich and deliver the home court advantage.

Today, All-Sports Apparel regularly provides custom apparel and sporting goods to dozens of school, community, corporate and municipal teams throughout Fairfield County, CT and parts of New York.